October 25-27, 2021

As a result of the recently-called federal election, we were informed that all representatives from FINTRAC scheduled to speak at Money Laundering in Canada 2021 would be unable to do so until after the election results were finalized. Recognizing the importance of FINTRAC participation for our delegates, the conference organizing committee has made the difficult decision to reschedule this year’s virtual event to October 25-27, 2021 in order to maintain the integrity of our advertised agenda.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Money Laundering in Canada 2021 will be a virtual event. One benefit of webcasting is that each registrant will have the opportunity to watch every session, plenary, or workshop, without having to make choices. The individual sessions have been scheduled in such a manner that registrants will be able to view them within the average work day. Each registrant will be provided with the necessary coordinates to sign into the live webcasting over the three days of the conference.

So, although our traditional conference meeting venue will not happen this year because of the need to keep registrants safe and risk free, we believe the learning and knowledge goals arising from the various topics covered will be of significant value in your on-going efforts to develop and maintain your knowledge and operational competencies. So join us from a distance and be part of Money Laundering in Canada 2021.

The Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Institute

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Money Laundering in Canada 2021

New Regulations & Guidance: Clarifying the Details and Other Compliance Tools

The recent history of AML compliance in Canada has been a period of planned change, enhancement, and new requirements. FINTRAC has been busy working with reporting sectors to refine and define both existing and new Guidance. By the time of the opening session at Money Laundering in Canada 2021, much will be in place, with the remainder soon to follow.

When it comes to application, making sense of all of this change is the primary goal behind this year’s theme, New Regulations & Guidance: Clarifying the Details and Other Compliance Tools. Workshops will examine specific changes and the supporting Guidance with respect to the expectations and nuances that compliance teams must address as they develop and implement their business’ responses.

Workshop/Plenary topics for Money Laundering in Canada 2021 include:

  • Updates from FINTRAC

  • The Rise of Professional Money Launderers in Canada: The Case of Silver International

  • The Pandemic’s Impact on Planned Amendments: Interpreting FINTRAC’s Flexibility Concept

  • How to Identify Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Indicators

  • Examination Findings: How Are the Sectors Doing?

  • House Edge: Land-Based Gaming Organizations' AML Strategies

  • Managing Compliance Can Feel like a Day in the Swamp....Tips on How to Make it a Day in the Park

  • AML Compliance in Cryptocurrency Companies: Controlling Risks

  • The Biennial Review Process: Lessons Learned from a Reporting Entity

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All sessions will be broadcast using the iSi LIVE webcast technology. iSi is one of the most experienced live webcasting companies in the world and we are excited to have them bring you Money Laundering in Canada 2021 in real time.


Money Laundering in Canada has been competitively priced, with additional savings for early bird registrations, multiple registrations from the same organization, and members of the Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Institute (CAMLI).

  • Full Registration: $1200 + applicable taxes

  • Early Bird until Jun 30th, 2021: save $150 on registration rates

  • Fee for registering 3 or more delegates from the same organization at the same time : $1125 + applicable taxes per registrant

  • CAMLI Members: Save an additional $75 on the above prices

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