money laundering compliance solutions

Canada's anti-money laundering legislation directly impacts on over one million businesses and professionals.

ABCsolutions was established to assist Canadian individuals and organizations to meet the challenge of developing and maintaining an effective anti-money laundering compliance program as mandated under Canada's Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

Latest News

May 18 - The poll of the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center showed that the majority of Muscovites considered the construction complex as the main beneficiary of the demolition program of the five-story buildings, and money laundering and earnings was the most popular answer to the question about the aims of the renovation. The program for the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow will bring the main benefit to the construction business, 64% of the residents of the capital polled by ARPORC believe according to the official website. At the same time, among residents of the buildings that fall under the renovation program, this opinion is shared by 50% of the respondents.
May 18 - The head of a now-defunct South L.A. charter school has been charged with embezzlement and money laundering, accused of funneling roughly $200,000 from the school to a company she owned, prosecutors said Thursday. Kendra Okonkwo, 51, was charged with misappropriation of public funds, grand theft by embezzlement, money laundering and keeping a false account, according to a news release issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Her son, 29-year-old Jason Okonkwo, is accused of approving fake invoices to further the plot and faces the same charges, prosecutors said
May 18 - One of Australia's top anti-fraud tax officials faces charges after his son and eight friends were arrested in raids that netted cash, luxury cars, two small planes, guns and vintage wine in a A$165 million tax fraud, police said on Thursday. Police said Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston was an unwitting participant in fraud after he accessed tax office systems at the request of his son, Adam.
May 18 - Canada's money-laundering watchdog is studying the use of crowdfunding platforms by suspected terrorists and says in an internal study that the reporting protocol poses a "significant challenge" in trying to identify such transactions. The Fintrac report, obtained by The Canadian Press through an Access to Information request, says there is a lack of information available in electronic fund transfer reports on contributors to crowdfunding campaigns.
May 17 - In a response to a Senate estimates question on notice from Labor Senator Louise Pratt published on Tuesday, the Department of Immigration said it was working with the Australian Federal Police on “fewer than five applications where there are allegations of money laundering" within the Business Innovation and Investment visa scheme. The visa program covers five visa streams, including business innovation, investor and entrepreneur categories.
May 16 - Guyana being named by the United States as a “major money laundering” nation comes as no surprise, according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, who yesterday laid the blame on government, which he said has failed to put the support mechanisms in place. Jagdeo was adamant that the PPP/C, while in office, made every effort to amend the legislation but got resistance from the then parliamentary opposition and now current government.