AML/ATF Training & Testing

The training element of the money laundering and terrorist financing compliance program must be considered an on-going process, with new employees being trained as they start work and all employees being kept up to date with changes and amendments to the law, its regulations, and company practices.

ABCsolutions' COMPLY-LMS© platform facilitates the delivery and management of employee training with an easy-to-use online interface and a robust suite of administrative and record-keeping tools.


ABCsolutions' Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing Training Program is designed to assist your employees have a better understanding of the anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing risks, controls, and their responsibilities to meet the training requirements stipulated in the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and its supporting Regulations.

ABCsolutions COMPLY-LMS© platform can support your company by:

✓ Saving Time and Resources - ABCsolutions' sector-specific employee training is developed and maintained by our team of experts, and is ready to incorporate into your AML training plan.

✓ Flexibility - Access your training program 24/7.

✓ Saving Money - ABCsolutions' training is cost effective for both large and small organizations.

✓ Assessment - Evaluate employee knowledge using content and criteria developed for your reporting sector.

✓ Record Keeping - Document the progress of your training through employee testing and real-time reports.Track employee results to identify problem areas.

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Available AML/ATF Training Programs

Customized Training Programs

Adapt the basic training program for your sector to meet the specific needs of your organization.

What Does that Mean?

Address specific employee roles and responsibilities, including Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Incorporate your company's internal policies and procedures.

Emphasize subject matter identified as critical or challenging.

Include your specific process for documenting information and reporting.