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Terms of Purchase

The following terms and conditions apply to all those who purchase a subscription to ABCsolutions' On-Line Education Centre.

  • The subscription price to ABCsolutions' On-Line Education Centre is non-refundable once your User ID and password have been issued.

  • A subscription will expire 12 months from the date your password is assigned.

  • Each subscription entitles the registered user to access the On-Line Education Centre. If you wish access for multiple users, please contact our subscription office to discuss the purchase of additional subscriptions or an overall site-subscription.

  • A subscriber may access all information and educational modules placed on the On-Line Education Centre and to print copies of that information for the subscriber's use.

  • A subscriber cannot permanently transfer their license to another user without first obtaining ABCsolutions' consent in writing.


Terms of Purchase

The following terms and conditions apply to all those who purchase a subscription to ABCsolutions' The Business Crime Solution (Newsletter).

  • The subscription price to the Newsletter is non-refundable for the term of the subscription.

  • The Newsletter will commence with the next monthly issue after the subscriber's payment has been successfully processed.

  • Each subscription will include 12 successive issues and cover one calendar year.

  • Subscribers may use the information contained within the Newsletter, provided they give appropriate reference to the issue and title of the materials used.

  • Subscribers can make copies of the Newsletter for their own use provided they include with and display on each copy made the copyright notice.


Intellectual Property Notice

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Use of the Information Contained in this Web Site

No information on the Site may be transmitted, transcribed, reproduced, stored or translated into any other form, without the prior written permission of ABCsolutions, unless specifically provided for as follows:

  • It is for the subscriber's use only, and

  • You do not modify the content of this material, and

  • You include with and display on each copy made for your personal use, the copyright notice.

No other use of the information on the Site is permitted. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, you may not:

  • Market and/or sell any of the information and materials on the Site as your own;

  • Include the content in or with any product that you create or distribute without obtaining the prior written consent of ABCsolutions and/or the owner of the intellectual property,

  • Copy and hold as your own such content onto any other web site.

If you violate any of these terms and conditions, your subscription automatically terminates without refund and you must immediately destroy all copies you have made of the materials.

Not Legal Advice

The information and services provided are for educational and informational purposes only. The information provided on the Site is not intended to be legal advice, and you agree that it will not be relied upon as such. Many factors unknown to us may affect the applicability of any statement or comment that we make on the Site to your particular circumstances. You should not act or rely on any information on this Site without seeking the advice of your legal or financial advisors.


  • Some of the information on the Site has been provided by external sources. ABCsolutions is not responsible for the quality, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of products or services available on external sites and listed or described on our menus.

  • ABCsolutions is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information contained on the Site and supplied by external sources.

  • ABCsolutions disclaims all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of your use of, or inability to use this information, including the links provided via the Site.

  • The use of hyper links is a free service offered to you by ABCsolutions. ABCsolutions neither controls nor monitors these hyper linked web sites.

  • ABCsolutions does not warrant or guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site or to the availability of the Internet e-mail links provided on the Site.

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Reliability of Information/Service

Although we strive to make the information provided in the Site helpful and accurate, sometimes that information is our professional interpretation of facts or information gleaned from other sources. Consequently, the user must recognize this and be open to the possibility that other interpretations may exist that differ from those made herein. As such, you assume total responsibility and risk for your use of this Site.

No Endorsement

No endorsement of any third-party products or services is expressed or implied by any information, material or content referred to or included on, or linked from or to the Site, unless otherwise stated.


Subscription Information and Privacy

We believe that your privacy is important. As such, the information that we gather about subscribers to either our On-Line Education Centre or The Business Crime Solution is limited solely to that information that will allow us to contact our subscribers if necessary and ensure that they receive the most current information that we become aware of related to their designated areas of interest.

Your Disclosures in Discussion Forums, Ask the Expert Chat Rooms, Etc.

The On-Line Education Centre has a number of areas available to subscribers to use for informal interaction through messages, discussion groups, chat rooms, question and answer formats, and the like. Please remember that any information you disclose in any of these areas becomes public information and as such you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal or business-specific information.