money laundering compliance solutions

Canada's anti-money laundering legislation directly impacts on over one million businesses and professionals.

ABCsolutions was established to assist Canadian individuals and organizations to meet the challenge of developing and maintaining an effective anti-money laundering compliance program as mandated under Canada's Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

Latest News

June 20 - Today, alongside law enforcement leaders in Atlanta, Georgia, Secretary Yellen announced that the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has sanctioned eight Mexico-based targets affiliated with La Nueva Familia Michoacana drug cartel for trafficking fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine into the United States. In addition to narcotics trafficking, La Nueva Familia Michoacana smuggles migrants from Mexico into the United States. La Nueva Familia Michoacana is one of the most powerful and violent cartels in Mexico and has become a priority focus of the Mexican government in recent years.
June 16 - In a world increasingly reliant on digital currencies, affected by geopolitical conflicts and sanctions, and facing modern international cybercriminal syndicates, money laundering has become an even more complex and challenging threat. Money laundering affects not only economies and direct victims, but the wider population, and with fintech expanding, the blockchain ecosystem diversifying, neobanks emerging, and e-stores thriving, the landscape grows by the day.
June 14 - What’s believed to be one of the province’s biggest proceeds of crime and money laundering investigations has wrapped up with additional money laundering charges laid against two people. Project Bustle, a major three-year investigation into drug and organized crime activity in the province was launched in February of 2021. Four homes – located in St. John’s, Gander, Appleton and Humber Valley, as well as a commercial storage unit in Corner Brook were searched by police late last year, resulting in charges of trafficking in cocaine against five people.
June 14 - U.S. authorities have seen an increase in Colombian drug traffickers using ATMs to deposit money from drug sales. In particular, dealers have recruited individuals to fly to Miami, set up fake businesses and deposit cash at ATMs, according to a report by Tampa Bay Times. These Columbian individuals would pick up duffel bags of cash from cocaine sales and deposit them under fake business names such as PJ Cleaning. Recently, federal investigators charged eight Columbians with money laundering conspiracies.